Secrets To Weight Loss

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D2H shares their secrets to weight loss.

Learn how to lose weight fast and keep it off. HEALTHY, FAST, AND SAFE.

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1. Doggie bag it. Portions at restaurants are growing bigger by the day. Tell yourself at the beginning of the meal that you only need half and ask your server for a take-out bag as soon as you’re done. This will prevent you from picking at your plate and provide you with some lovely leftovers for tomorrow.

2. Visualize your outcome. Cut a picture of the dress you like out of a magazine or tape up a picture of you in your skinny jeans on the fridge. Whatever you’re aiming for, make sure it’s somewhere you can see it and make sure it’s a realistic goal.

3. Mind over menu. Eating out while trying to stay on track can be pretty challenging. Avoid overdoing your order by picking your meal ahead of time. Many restaurants have their menus available on their websites. Figure out what you want to fill up on and you’ll be ready to avoid temptation come dinnertime.

4. Pre-game for parties. If you’ve got a party coming up, don’t fret over getting off track. Instead, fill up on a healthy meal before you go. You’ll have less of an appetite for greasy appetizers and still be able to enjoy the festivities.

5. Prevent idle hands. Being in front of the television is one of the biggest reasons people forget about portion control. To avoid bad snacking throughout a show, give your hands something else to do. Take up knitting, fill in a crossword or fold some laundry—the more your hands have to do, the less time they’ll spend reaching for food.